March 17, 2010

In this episode, Louie discusses the healthcare crisis and March Madness, as well as receiving some vengeance from the grave.  Plus, more fun and surprises from the Old Time Radio Archives.

"Thank you for your patience as we were sorting out our technical issues.  Leaving an 82-year-old man in charge of 21st Century technology can be trying at times"

-Johnny Fargo, WDLW

"What do you expect?! You just plop a couple old men in front of an iMac and expect them to figure the damn thing out on their own?!!"


"Louie, we offered to have Geoff on hand as producer or at least tech advisor, but you insisted that 'Don Luske is the best in the business, and we can handle this crap just as well as some pretty-boy from Brown.' "

-Johnny Fargo, WDLW

Note: Due to file constraints, Episode WDLW2003 is not currently available on this site.  Please contact louie.bergquist@gmail.com for a copy of this or any other archived episodes of the Louie Bergquist Hit Parade. Free!  At no cost to you!

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